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Instant Pot Chicken Tortilla Soup

March 17, 2018

Instant Pot Chicken Tortilla Soup

With the release of our Culinary Keepsake Collection, we put some of our new products to use. We found this amazing recipe for Pressure Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup on the Kitschen Cat Blog that we were dying to try. It turned out to be quick, easy and - more importantly - delicious! With only a few minor tweaks, it’s the perfect recipe to store in your recipe box using our new illustrated recipe cards.

Half the fun of making this soup came from trying out our kitchen products, including our recipe box, recipe cards, spoons, and cutting boards. With so many unique designs to choose from, it is easy to find one that compliments your personality and adds some flare to the kitchen.

We copied the recipe onto one of our recipe cards, which made keeping track of ingredients and steps so simple. It was nice having everything in one place and easily accessible for the next time the weather calls for something warm and comforting in your belly.

For this recipe, we used the Instant Pot, which makes cooking so quick and convenient because, after prepping ingredients, all you really need to do is throw them into the pot and let it do its thing.

We found it easier to measure all our spices ahead of time. We set aside 2 teaspoons cumin, 1 tablespoon chili powder, 2 teaspoons salt, ½ teaspoon black pepper and ⅛ teaspoon cayenne pepper.

We then prepared 1 diced onion and 1 diced red bell pepper. To add a little heat, we chopped up some serrano peppers. Chopping the vegetables was a breeze on our Culinary Keepsake Cutting Board.

The next step was to cook the ingredients in the Instant Pot. We added the seasonings and vegetables. In addition, 2 large chicken breasts, 12 ounces of the salsa of your choice (we used Pace, medium spice), 5 cups of chicken broth, and 4 ounces of tomato paste. Kitschen Cat’s blog says to cook these ingredients before adding 1 15oz can of black beans that has been drained and 2 cups frozen corn. We chose to add everything in the beginning.

Our Covered Baking Dish Spoon was perfect for mixing and stirring all the chopped ingredients, chicken and seasonings into the broth. Once everything had been stirred, we allowed the mixture to cook on high for 10 minutes.

While the soup was cooking, we used the Stand Mixer Cutting Board to chop up some  cilantro, avocados and green onions to dress our soup with.

After cooking and later releasing the pressure, we removed the chicken breasts for shredding. When we returned the shredded chicken to the pot, it was ready to ladle into bowls.

Adding our favorite toppings was the best part, bringing so much vibrance and flavor. In addition to the cilantro, sliced avocado, and chopped green onion, we also squeezed some fresh lime juice, added a dollop of sour cream, and sprinkled on some shredded Monterey Jack cheese and Fresh Gourmet Santa Fe Style tortilla strips.

This soup. Mouth. Watering. You should definitely try it out.

Happy cooking!

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