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I have worked with the seller for many years… Always fantastic workmanship and quality, beautiful art. Extremely timely and cost-effective with shipping. Love love, love this shop !!!

My best friend loved the gift!

I love these tooth fairy boxes. Thanks for the
great quality item, & matching the description exactly. I have
bought three of these, 2 for grandchildren and 1 for a great-grand. I
love the little saying on the top. The kids love running to get their
box after loosing a tooth.
Thanks for the great product, fast shipping, and overall dependability.

Anne S, Etsy Customer Teacher Spoon
Paige F, Etsy Customer Mancala Game
Maria B, Etsy Customer Tooth Fairy Box
Sweet Teacher Gifts

Sweet Teacher Gifts

Here's a jar full of sweetness to say a big thank you for all you do! You're the best teacher ever!

Customize the lid and add candy for a perfect teacher appreciation and end of year gift.


Mark Their Milestone with a Lasting Memory

A Unique Gift They'll Treasure for Years.

Dozens of designs options with the option to add your branding on the back.


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About Us

About Us

Welcome to Personalized Gallery, where creativity meets craftsmanship. Our mission is to provide high-quality, personalized products that not only meet your business needs but also help you forge stronger connections with your clients, team members, and partners. Whether you’re looking for branded products, corporate gifts, or custom wedding favors, we are dedicated to helping your business flourish through thoughtful, personalized items.

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