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Custom Recipe Boxes & Editable Recipe Cards

Chefs and bakers will love our coordinating personalized recipe boxes and cards. In lieu of keeping torn magazine pages and recipe printouts, store favorite recipes in an organized manner. Instead of flipping through pages, trying to find a recipe, recipes will be in your hands in minutes when stored on recipe cards instead of recipe cards.

By being made of a quality cherry hardwood, recipe boxes will not only keep recipes safe but can be used as a beautiful piece of decoration for the kitchen counter. All recipe boxes have a customizable original design engraved on top that was created in house. By being made of wood, this functional box is durable and will be able to protect treasured recipe cards.

Wooden recipe boxes measure out to be 7 inches wide, 5 inches deep and 5 inches high, therefore able to be placed on a kitchen counter without taking up too much space. The  inside depth is approximately 4”, giving the wooden box plenty of room to fit multiple 4” x 6” recipe  cards. As a tip, we recommend using card dividers that are 4.25” by 6” to help locate specific recipes quickly.

To go with the recipe box, we have matching 4 by 6 recipe cards. These are printed cards made out of heavy white or ivory matte card stock. Unlike index cards, these recipe cards will not easily bend over time. Recipe card designs force recipes instructions to be organized on the card, so that they are easy to read and follow.  What makes recipe instruction cards a special gift is that they can be personalized with the recipient’s name or initial and are available in different colors. Recipe boxes and cards will not only free up space in the kitchen, but also free up time, making dinner time that much sooner. 


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