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Cookie Cutter

Cookies are not just a delicious sweet to enjoy, they are also a creative means of expression. Our collection of Ann Clark’s Cookie Cutters give families the chance to unleash their inner Van Gogh by trying out different shapes. The best part about our collection of metal cookie cutters is the wide range of shapes that are available.

Shoppers can find unique cookie cutters suitable for any time of the year, from holidays to birthdays to the occasional rainy day activity. We even have cookie cutters that are great for more formal occasions, such as graduation parties and wedding celebrations. In addition, there are also more unique shaped metal cookie cutters to cater towards different themed parties, such as magical unicorns and cowboy-themed. Friends, family and party guests will be impressed by the craftsmanship and artistic thought that went into each cookie. 

To help our customers explore their creative side, we made it simpler for our customers to explore and enjoy different shapes of cookies. By encouraging shoppers to create their own cookie cutter set with our buy 2 get 1 free on-going deal. This is not only a great way for parents to add a few more cookie cutters to their collection, it’s also an affordable way for cookie decorators to try out different shapes. Particularly if they want to branch out to a different target audience or challenge themselves to try a theme.  

 Aluminum cookie cutters make prepping the cookies for the oven easy. Simply press the cookie cutter in the cookie dough with some flour and it can be pulled out without destroying the shape.   With sizes ranging from 3 to 5 inches, cookies will have enough surface room to try out decorating techniques without being oversized.  Once the cookies are decorated, parents and kids can quickly clean up and get ready for the next activity. 


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