Customized hammers are a tool-box essential for the build-from-scratch woodworking creators. They are a practical yet sentimental  gift that has customizations appropriate for a wide-range of life’s milestones. Regardless of what direction life takes, these hammers will be a source of motivation to continue to build an amazing life.

The biggest sellers in our collection of hammers are geared towards fathers and grandfathers. Within this selection, we have hammers for dads meant for different moments in fatherhood. Starting with a sweet reminder of how much a child loves their dad or grandpa. Ending with a  touching thank you gift at a wedding. No matter how grown up a child may become, there will always be a hammer for a dad.

The 13oz claw hammer is a must-have tool for a wide-range of carpentry projects. With a sturdy wooden handle that has the length of 12 inches, recipients have plenty of room to take hold and maintain a good grip while working.  Plus, the variations of the natural wood ensures that no hammer is identical to another. By adding the free engraving of our designs, the personalized hammer becomes an even more attractive and unique gift.