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Eat Drink and Be Married Cutting Board

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Commemorate an occasion worth celebrating with the gift of an Eat Drink and Be Married Cutting Board! This personalized engraved cutting board wedding is perfect for couples starting out in the new. Not only is a cutting board wedding gift practical for newlyweds, it is also a special keepsake. Since our cutting boards are engraved to be uniquely the recipients’, you won’t find this gift on any corporate store’s kitchen wedding registry.

The best part about our natural wood cutting boards is that no board is the same. The happy couple will get a cutting board full of perfect imperfections that will make them feel like they are cooking in nature. Choose from our collection of different size boards to select the one that fits the needs of the happy couple best.

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Made from high-quality materials, our cherry blossom cutting boards come in different cutting board shapes, giving you more options with which you can choose from:
  • Bamboo Two Tone (5.75" x 8" x .5") at $17.50
  • Bamboo Board (6" x 9" x .375") at $17.50
  • Bamboo Board (8.75" 11.5" x .5") at $22.00
  • Bamboo Board (9.75" x 13.75" x .5") at $25.00
  • Bamboo Juice Grove (12" x 18" x .75") at $45.00
  • Bamboo Texas (13.5" x 14" x .75") at $40.00
  • Bamboo Football (8" x 14" x .75") at $40.00
  • Maple with handle (6" x 9" x .5") at $25.00
  • Maple with handle (8.75" x 11.5" x .75") at $35.00
  • Maple no handle (9" x 12" x .75") at $35.00
  • Maple Bread Board (5" x 20" x .75") at $35.00
  • Maple Wine Bottle Shape (17" x 6" x .5") at $35.00
  • Cherry with handle (9" x 12" x .75") at $35.00
  • Cherry Juice Groove (10.5" x 18" x .75") at $55.00
  • Walnut with handle (9" x 12" x .75") at $40.00
  • Walnut no handle (9" x 12" x .75") at $40.00
  • Walnut Bread Board (5" x 20" x .5") at $38.00

With all these different cutting board styles and shapes to choose from, you will definitely find one that is right for you — one that will meet your kitchen needs. Upgrade your kitchen arsenal now and get any of these Eat Drink Be Married Cutting Board variants!

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