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Wedding clothes hangers are a bride and her photographer’s best friend. Unlike plastic hangers, hangers made of wood with a metal hook are strong. Therefore, doing a much better job at preventing wedding attire from falling on the ground. Plus, unlike plastic hangers, wooden hangers add to the aesthetic of the clothes instead of taking away the focus in the behind the scenes photographs

To accommodate everyone on both sides of the wedding party, we have hangers with and without a pants rod. By having hangers with and without pants rod, wedding party members will be able to keep their clothes clean and unwrinkled until showtime. To  ensure that most adult-sized clothing fit the hangers, our  adult wooden hangers have a width of 17.5 inches and a height of 9.5. So that the younger members of the wedding entourage don’t feel left out, we have child-sized hangers as well hangers sized for junior wedding party members. The child-sized hangers have a width of 11 inches, while the junior-sized have a width of 14. As a result, the younger members of the entourage will feel part of the group when they see their hanger matches the adults.

Our talented engravers have had the  pleasure of working with brides nationwide, giving them opportunities to add special personal touches to their big day. By having the hangers personalized, wedding planners will have an easier time distributing wedding outfits. Plus, the hangers become a customized prop that makes behind-the-scenes photos even more exquisite. Plus,  wedding party members will have a personalized thank you gift that they can hang their dress or a coat on after the ceremony. Within our collection of hangers, we have simple designs with just names and dates as well as designs that incorporate a wedding theme. For brides who don’t see exactly what they are looking for, we will gladly collaborate with a bride-to-be on a custom design. 


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