Drumsticks - My Husband Rocks

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Let your husband know how amazing he is with a pair of "My Husband Rocks" engraved drumsticks. Ready to be played, these drumsticks will make him feel like a rock star whether he is practicing for a gig at home or performing.

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  1. Design - My Husband Rocks
  2. Stick 1 Text -  My Husband Rocks
  3. Stick 2 Text - Custom
  4. Font as shown or custom font choice
  5. Proof Available Upon Request

      Drumsticks Features:

      • Set of Drumsticks (2 sticks)
      • Maple Wood
      • 15 7/8 inches long
      • 0.65 inch in diameter
      • Size 2B wood tip professional series
      • Engraved design

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