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Christmas Bells Ornament

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A Christmas Bells Ornament makes a sweet gift to anyone who finds joy in listening to classic holiday tunes. The familiar tune of the chorus “ding dong, ding dong, Christmas bells are ringing..." will be softly playing internally as the decoration is carefully being put on the tree. The end result being an ornament perfect for musicians.

How to Personalize:

Include the following information in the "your personalization" box

  • Design -Merry Christmas Bells
  •  Personalization Front - Name & Year
  • Personalization Back - Optional

    Ornament Features:

    • Wooden Disk - Round 2 3/8" Diameter, Metal Hook with Jute String (Engraved)
    • Wooden Slice with Bark - 2.75" - 4" Diameter, Drilled Hole with Red Ribbon (Engraved)
    • Stainless Steel - Round 3" Diameter, Drilled Hole with Red Ribbon (Engraved)
    • Metal - Round 2' Diameter -Drilled Hole with Red Ribbon (Permanent Printing)

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