Wooden Wine Stoppers

Wine stoppers are a classy gift for wine enthusiasts on any occasion! Within the wine stopper collection, we have designs meant for weddings, birthdays, and even graduation ceremonies. All designs were created in house and can be customized to cater towards the recipient’s needs.  

On the wine stopper, original stopper designs can be found expertly engraved on top of the wooden wine cap. By having the designs engraved, recipients will be able to enjoy the small and useful gift for a long amount of time. Furthermore, the engraved wood gives the stopper a trendy rustic vibe to the room.  To top it off, since the cap is 1.1” in diameter,  designs are easily readable when up close and make decorative props when taking photographs of the wedding table decor.

At .75” in diameter and .85” in length, the cork stoppers fit standard sized wine bottles. As a result, friends and family  will be able to use  the wine stoppers with most bottles of wine when at home. Custom wine stoppers are also a clever way to surprise friends who enjoy collecting bottle stoppers that hold a special meaning to them.  

Wooden bottle stoppers are sold in single as well as in bulk with affordable pricing, giving buyers the flexibility to purchase wine stopper gifts for close friends as well as large parties. Wine stoppers make wonderful gifts as well as favors because they are sophisticated and can be used over and over again well after they have been given. Plus, recipients will have a small reminder of the good times you both shared.

For an elegant table setting, our custom gift boxes or our exclusive place cards are always a hit with wedding guests.  Organza bags with a custom gift tag also are a popular option for a unique wedding favor.