Texas Themed Gifts

Our collection of Texas gifts are for newcomers as well as natives. They fill the home with fun-saying Texas sayings as well as sweet reminders on what makes the state of Texas a home. Included in the collection are home decor as well as commonplace items that can flawlessly be implemented into everyday family life. Items in this collection are also thoughtful gifts to out of state residents as a reminder of the home they will always have in Texas.

"Home for the holidays" is a popular mantra during Christmastime, which is why our customized Texas Christmas ornaments are a special reminder of where home is. Texas-themed Christmas ornaments are a fun way for families to wish each other a Merry Christmas from states away. The holidays are not the only excuse for a get-together. Folding cribbage and mancala game boards are a cool way to encourage household members and guests to spend an hour or two enjoying each other's company. These classic board games engraved with the shape of the state of Texas on top make worthy additions to a board game fan's game closet in their Texas home or vacation home.
Our key fobs and engraved picture frames are a thoughtful and touching gift option for Texans who are searching for a way to remind themselves why they call the lonestar state home. Custom key fobs are a clever way for Texans to carry a reminder of home everywhere they go. These key chains keep important keys organized, such as the keys to a car, home, safety box, motorcycle, even a bike. They are even a cool way for Texans to decorate a backpack or purse. Texas picture frames, on the other hand, stay stationary within the house as it proudly displays pictures of a Texan's favorite thing about their home state. The wooden picture frame cleverly adds a decorative aspect to the photos of family and friends who live in Texas or a popular lone star state destination.

To help turn the kitchen area into a space of southern hospitality, we have our wooden kitchen spoons. These spoons have a variety of Texas-inspired designs engraved on the scoop, making them a neat gift for Texans who have a flair for southern cooking. With one glance of these spoons, guests' mouths will water in anticipation of the delicious food about to come out of the kitchen. Another wonderful gift for Texans with a love for cooking and entertaining are our Texas shaped cutting boards. These chopping boards can be used as unique charcuterie boards when hosts are having a house party as well as a chopping board for key ingredients of essential Texas recipes. For the bakers with a sweet tooth, we have Texas-shaped cookie cutters. These cookie cutters are the perfect gift for mom who enjoy baking cookies with their kids throughout the year and not just during the holiday season. Moms can hold a spur in the moment at-home geography lesson by encouraging kids to point to where their home town should be or encourage their kids to be as creative as they would like. No matter if it is a spoon, a cookie cutter or chopping board, Texas kitchen gifts allow household members to enjoy their favorite part of Texas, food and each other.

Sometimes all you need is conversation and a refreshing beverage. Customizable wine stoppers preserve wine from half empty wine bottles while adding character to the wine collection. They are a neat way for appreciators of wine to demonstrate their state pride in the confines of their home. Leather soda can koozies are also a handy alternative gift to Texans who prefer their drink to come from an aluminum can rather than a wine bottle. Soda can sleeves keep drinks cold while protecting the user's hands and furniture from cold condensation. They are a handy accompaniment to football tailgate parties, camping trips as well as boating adventures on the lake. No matter if you are at home or exploring the great outdoors that Texas has to offer, these soda bottle koozies enable Texans to sip on their favorite drink while enjoying what Texas has to offer.

Items within our collection of gifts for Texans do more than serve a practical purpose. They allow Texans of all ages and origins to celebrate the state they choose to call home. Find something special to give to the Texan in your life by checking out our collection of Texas inspired gifts.