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Stopper Packaging

When it comes to a sophisticated table setting, it is all in the details. Wine stopper packaging is a simple way to upgrade an engraved wine stopper to classy party favor that  sends guests home feeling as if they are the guest of honor. It’s also an easy way to add an accent color to the table.

Impress guests by packaging wine stoppers in organza bags. Each bag is made of sheer fabric, which allows guests to view the stopper while also enjoying the shiny look  which adds to the overall favor. All of the bags are 3 inches by 4 inches, giving recipients plenty of room to take out their bottle stopper favor. To accommodate different color schemes, we keep a wide selection of colors in stock to choose from. As a complimentary service, we will send the organza bags and wine stoppers already assembled. 

Take the party favor ensemble a step further, by adding a 2 inch custom tag to the bag. Tags were created out of white card stock, making them difficult to bend when in transport. By being made of card stock, tags also end up with a finished look, especially with a printed custom colorful design. To accommodate party planners’ preferences, we have tags that are shaped like traditional tags as well as ones shaped like a hexagon and octagon, round, square, and even scallop-shaped. Plus, in order to save time, we will assemble the tags, organza bags and wine stoppers free of charge.

Last but not least, wine stoppers can also be paired with personalized place cards.  Place cards are not only a personalized way to ensure that everyone gets a favor, they are also an easy way to guide guests to their table! Like the personalized tags, all 2" by 3.5" escort cards are made of card stock and have a colorful printed design on them. Thus, becoming a vibrant and sophisticated table decoration.

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