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💡Fun Facts:
  • A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the earth and the sun and completely covers the sun's disk along a narrow path. 
  • During April's total eclipse, the shadow of the moon will travel 1,500 miles per hour as it crosses earth.
  • Last Total Solar Eclipse: The last total solar eclipse visible from Texas occurred on July 29, 1878. This event had a path crossing through the northern part of the state.
  • Next Total Solar Eclipse: The next total solar eclipse to cross over Texas will happen on April 8, 2024. The path of totality will pass through the central and eastern parts of the state, offering a spectacular celestial show to Texans.  It will be 20 years before another eclipse can be seen in the US.
  • Duration of Totality: During the 2024 eclipse, the duration of totality—when the moon completely covers the sun—will vary depending on the location within Texas. In some places, totality may last for around 3 minutes or more, providing ample time for observers to experience this rare phenomenon.
  • Path of Totality: The path of totality refers to the narrow strip of land where the total eclipse is visible. For the 2024 eclipse, the path of totality in Texas will enter from the northwest near the city of El Paso, then travel across central Texas, passing through cities like San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas, before exiting the state in the northeast near Texarkana.
  • Safety Precautions: It's crucial to observe solar eclipses safely. Staring directly at the sun, even during an eclipse, can cause permanent eye damage or blindness. Special eclipse glasses or solar filters must be used to protect your eyes when viewing the partial phases of the eclipse. During totality, when the sun is completely covered by the moon, it is safe to view the event with the naked eye, but eye protection should be worn immediately before and after totality.
  • Historical Significance: Solar eclipses have long held cultural and historical significance for various civilizations around the world. They've been interpreted as omens, celestial battles, or messages from the gods. In modern times, eclipses are celebrated as awe-inspiring natural events and offer opportunities for scientific study and public engagement.
  • Community Events: Total solar eclipses often attract large crowds of spectators and enthusiasts. Communities along the path of totality may organize special events, such as festivals, viewing parties, or educational programs, to commemorate the occasion and provide opportunities for people to safely observe the eclipse together.
  • Weather Considerations: Clear skies are essential for optimal eclipse viewing. Texans will hope for favorable weather conditions on the day of the eclipse to ensure a clear view of this rare celestial event.
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