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Ornaments are more than decorations, they tell a family’s story. There are a variety of designs available that were created for different life’s milestones. Therefore, allowing the whole family to look back on memories, such as getting married or buying a new home, as they decorate. All designs can be adjusted to fit the available four ornament options: wooden disk, wooden slice with bark , stainless steel and metal. By having the freedom to choose from different materials and designs, customers will be able to transform the Christmas tree of their imagination into reality. 

Both of our wooden ornaments are a fitting addition to a more rustic collection of Christmas decorations. This will help homeowners develop a rustic-Christmas-feel to the home. The smaller of the two, the wooden disk, has a round shape with a diameter of 2 ⅜”. This ornament comes with a metal hook on top with a jute string attached.  On the other hand, the wooden slice with its natural bark still intact has no twin in shape, size or appearance. Wood slice ornaments’ diameters typically range from 2.75 inches to four inches. It’s shape is not perfectly round and resembles the natural  shape of a tree branch’s diameter. The festive red ribbon tied through the hole at top completes the ornament 

On the other hand, stainless steel ornaments emits a more classy feel to the Christmas tree. These ornaments are round shaped with a diameter of 3 inches. The white aluminum ornaments come in two shapes; a 3 inch scallop-shape and a 2 inch round shape. To  give the ornaments the ability to hang, all three have a drilled hole at the top with a red ribbon attached, like the wood slice ornament.

All ornament designs were created in house and can also be engraved or printed depending on the type of ornament. For instance, the ornaments made out of wood and stainless steel have engraved designs. While designs on the white aluminum ornaments are permanently printed in color, which adds a fun vibrancy to the tree. With our collection of different ornaments and ornament designs, you are sure to find an ornament right for your tree. 

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