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Customized key fobs turn a set of keys into a form of self-expression. A personalized key fob can represent a special moment in their life or be a sweet messenger from someone they love. Custom car key fobs can also be an accessory that tells something about the personality of the key owner. No matter what the end product looks like, we are here to help you create a key fob that they will want to carry around with them!

We have two different types of custom key fobs: wooden engraved key fobs and white key fobs with full color designs. Both key chains consist of a metal frame that outlines the customized fob. Customers have the option to personalize the key chain on one or both sides. The personalized wooden key fobs are available in four different shapes: square, oval, round and rectangle. While the key chain customized in full color is available in just the rectangular key fob.

Wooden Key Fob Dimensions

width: 1.75in; length w/ key ring: 3in; length w/o key ring: 1.0625in
width: 1.5in; length w/ key ring: 3.5in; length w/o key ring: 2in
width: 1.75in; length w/ key ring: 3in; length w/o key ring: 1.75in
width: 1in; length w/ key ring: 3.25in; length w/o key ring: 1 10/16in

Full-Color Key Fob Dimensions

width: 1 3/16 in; length w/ key ring: 3 5/16 in; length w/o key ring: 1 15/16 in

Since almost everyone carries some sort of key with them, personalized key chains are the perfect gift solution. Recipients can keep their keys together, lowering the chance of keys getting misplaced. Custom keychains are also very affordable, so gift givers can surprise friends, family members, clients and coworkers with a personalized gift without breaking the bank. Key fob designs, such as "I love you, mom" and "distance means so little" are a touching reminder to loved one of how much you care. While, monogrammed key fobs can be a loving gift as well as a kind gesture between coworkers as well as friends. Even kids who are not yet carrying keys around can use a customized key chain to decorate their backpacks or purses.

Find the custom keychain that best fits your gift-giving needs by taking a look at our collection of keychain designs.