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Keep surfaces organized and decorative with the help of glass jars with wooden lids. These glass storage containers are a neat way to hide away small items, such as candy and tea bags, in plain sight. Each jar comes with a lid made out of wood that brings personality to the glass container, making this item not just a storage piece but a means of expression.

Because they are glass jars, the contents of the jar are visible, leaving no reason to guess at its contents. This can be a decorative as well as a practical advantage. For example, by storing q-tips or cotton balls in jars on the bathroom counter of the guest bathroom, guests can quickly get what they need. This design choice also provides a warm aesthetic to the bathroom. Kids can also get creative by filling glass jars with multi-color pebbles and then using it as a decoration.
Along with each glass container comes an alder hardwood lid that is three inches in diameter and has a height of fifteen millimeters. The hardwood material of the jar lid gives the jar a rustic homey look. This type of wood has a natural light tone that contrasts with the engraving. Admirers will be able to read and enjoy the engraved design without any effort. Within our collection of designs for jar lids made out of wood, we have typography designs that are sweet as well as humorous.

These glass storage jars with wooden lids are not just useful in the home, but for the office as well. Employees can utilize the jar as their personal candy jar for their own use as well as to offer any office drop-ins. The glass container jars are also an asset to the classroom. Teachers can use the jar to store small student incentives, such as stickers, candies and prize tickets. Get these jars for your own office or classroom to add your own personality to your workspace. These small glass jars are also thoughtful employee appreciation gifts as well as thank you gifts for teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week.

Find a jar that meets your needs by taking a look at our collection of jars.