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Glass jars are a decorative way to store a variety of treats from candy to dog treats to tea bags. They are not just a creative way to present treats to someone, but are also a wonderful gift on their own. Recipients are able to reuse the jar to store their favorite goodies in an organized and homey fashion

Designs for the jar lids are created in house by our talented designers. Among our jar collections, we have a variety of typography designs that are sweet and humorous. Quotes are generally inspired from three different themes: education, Texas, and even pets.  

Though our designs vary, they are all permanently engraved on the jar’s lid. Jar lids are made out of quality alder hardwood, which gives the jar a natural look. By adding the engraving, the overall look of the jar emits a rustic homey vibe. All jar lids are 3” in diameter and 15mm height, which allow the design enough room to be easily read.

The see-through glass jars allow recipients to be creative when choosing what to put inside. It could be colorful crinkled paper or coordinated  colored candy. With a height of four inches, the clear glass jars are able to store a number of small items. For example, to add a decorative finish to the bathroom, how about storing q-tips or cotton balls in the jars? Kids can also get creative by filling it with multi-color pebbles and then using it as a decoration. No matter what the jar has in it, it will always proudly display its own personality.

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