Home State Collection

These custom state gifts are an excellent addition to any home filled with people that share an appreciation for their home state. It does not matter if you are searching for the perfect gift for someone who is moving to Hawaii or surprising a long-time resident of North Dakota. These state pride gifts are useful additions to any home, no matter what state they find themselves in.

Are you looking for a gift for someone moving to Hawaii or another state that seems really far away? Photo frames designed with the outline of a state are a cool way to display photographs of special memories you do not ever want to forget. They bring context in the photo while also proudly displaying state pride. These photograph frames are a sweet gift for friends who currently live in their home state as well as friends who need something to look back on as they go off on their adventures. Personalized picture frames also make wonderful gifts for college students, who have decided to go to an out of state college as well as adult children who have built a life for themselves in another state.
Create new memories in the comfort of home with the help of personalized board games, such as our cribbage and mancala game sets. Game board enthusiasts will love having their own custom game right in their home's game closet. These customized game boards make wonderful congratulatory gifts for newlyweds as they start to plant roots in the state of their choosing. You can also use these game boards to congratulate game board enthusiasts on their next adventure, whether it be moving to New York or planning to spend the next 20 years in the place they already call home.

The kitchen is the space where the idea of home becomes something that people can taste, not just feel. Customize these kitchen wooden spoons with the outline of the state that the recipient calls home. A neat way to encourage recipients to embrace the cuisine of their home state is by including a recipe that is well known in that state to go along with the engraved state spoon. When not busy cooking, these spoons are a cool way to decorate the kitchen.

While food is the main event in the kitchen, beverages are also a key player. Custom state koozies are a fun gift for anyone who likes to putter around their home, organizing, decorating and fixing things to make their home even more their own. Customized can holders allow users to set their soda can down without ruining furniture while also protecting their hands from the cold. Beverage sleeves are useful accompaniments while camping, hanging around in the pool or just spending time at home. For those who prefer a glass of wine, state wine stoppers are a fun way to include the love they have for their state in their wine collection. These engraved wine stoppers are a good way to equip friends and family as they toast to moving to California, Florida or any of the 50 states!
Custom state key tags are a reminder of where your home is, and that follows you wherever you go. These key chains are not exclusively meant to organize house keys, but apartment keys, care keys, and even the keys to a safe as well. These key tags are thoughtful gifts for someone who is moving out of state as well as for someone who has already established a home. Wherever they go, they will have a tangible reminder of their home state and the memories created within.

Our customized state gifts are a fun way to incorporate state pride into daily life. They have the potential to be thoughtful, moving out of state gifts as well as cool household items for your own home. We have multiple welcome to the state gift ideas to choose from that can be personalized to any of the 50 states.

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