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Our collection of Home & Living products makes it simple to add your own personalizations to commonplace items found in a household. These products will give your abode a homey experience for visitors as well as the friends and family you share everyday life with. The best part about Home & Living products is that there is no wrong time to surprise a friend or loved one with one of these customized gifts. It does not matter if they are settling into their first apartment or celebrating the holidays for the 10th or 25th time in their house.
  There is nothing like experiencing the tastes and smells of home-cooked food that originated from your very own kitchen. The following kitchen necessities will help make those delicious meals a reality, while adding a bit of your own personality into your kitchen space. 
Personalized wooden spoons are an absolute kitchen staple. The spoon's long handle makes it easy to stir fresh ingredients into a deep pot of broth to make a healthy, delicious soup. At times of celebration, this spoon will be your favorite cooking utensil when it is time to turn a combination of basic and sweet ingredients into a delectable dessert.

Sometimes, there is a real struggle in keeping the kitchen organized and clutter-free. That is where our recipe card boxes come in! They keep a personal collection of recipes conveniently in one place and hidden in plain sight. Plus, the engraving on top of the wooden box adds a decorative aspect to the counter and marks the recipes lovingly stored inside as yours. You can surprise recipients with an customized pencil to pen down their favorite recipe on an index card and later store them in the wooden box. Another customized kitchen staple we have for you to enjoy is our engraved cutting boards, which are useful when cooking as well as food for your family. Speaking of serving, whether it is a large gathering or a roommate-only game night, the Lazy Susan is an effective way to ensure that no snack is out of reach.


Sometimes, life calls for a simple game night with your people. Our customized cribbage game board and engraved mancala set. These games are a fun way to pass the time and can be personalized. Choose a design that best fits the interior of the home and the recipient's personality, and to make it look like game set was designed to belong in the home.

Take a look at these homey designs by checking out our Home & Living collection.