Wedding clothes hangers are not just decorative; they are a neat way to keep the wedding party organized as they prepare for the wedding ceremony. No more looking at the different sizes to figure out which sets of wedding clothes are theirs. Instead, bridesmaids and groomsmen can spend more time supporting the bride and groom in the hours leading up to "I do".

Clothing hangers made out of wood that have a metal hook tend to be stronger and more reliable when it comes to supporting heavier clothing than their plastic counterparts. Resulting in doing a much better job at preventing wedding attire from falling on the ground. Plus, unlike plastic hangers, wooden wedding hangers add to the aesthetic of the clothes instead of taking away the focus in the behind the scenes photographs.
To accommodate everyone on both aisles of the wedding party, we have engraved hangers with and without a pant rod. Our engraved bridal hangers also differ in size. The adult-sized custom wedding hangers have a width of 17.5 inches and a height of 9.5. In contrast, customized wedding hangers for the junior members of the wedding party have a width of 11 inches. No member of the wedding party will be left out in this unique gift.

Each custom wedding hanger has a unique design that contains the recipients' name, their assigned wedding title, and the wedding date. These customizations combined with their attractiveness allows the hangers to be useful to the wedding planner, photographer as well as the wedding part members themselves. Wedding planners know which wedding outfit belongs to which wedding party member by just looking at the name on the hanger. These wooden wedding hangers also make cool photography props that wedding photographers can include in behind-the-scenes photos. Later, wedding party members can take the custom hanger home with them as a personalized thank you gift.

Within our collection of hangers, we have designs that are simplistic as well as ones that incorporate a wedding theme. For brides who don’t see exactly what they are looking for, we will gladly collaborate with a bride-to-be on a custom design.

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