You are probably familiar with the phrase, "a picture is worth a thousand words". Why not add a little more with the help of our customizable wooden picture frames? Our frames are not just a way to display and protect photos; they give context to the photo. From the evolution of a relationship to celebrating life’s first milestones, we have a frame for each of our loved one's life’s moments. Engraved frames have the ability to remind observers when a child scored his first touchdown or what year a particular teacher made a profound impact on a student. These personalized frames put feelings of gratefulness and love into words, therefore making the photo all the more special.

The high quality alder hardwood material of our customized frames gives them a homey appearance and the ability to integrate with different interior home decorating styles. These charming wooden picture frames have the ability to compliment more rustic styles as well as provide a pleasing contrast in a space with a more bright, modern home decor style. The alder wood is also light enough that the wood photo frame will be visible against the wood. These personalizable picture frames also include a glass insert that protects the picture from gathering dust and while helping the photo stay flat. Friends and family will be able to cherish the photograph for years to come.
The color of the wood is not the only aspect of a wooden photograph frame to consider when decorating your home or office. Choices, such as size and where to put the framed photograph are still left to contemplate. Wooden picture frames are available in two different sizes. The smaller one accommodates 4” by 6” photos and has an exterior size of 6.75” by 8.5”. On the other hand, larger frames can hold 5” by 7” photos and have an exterior size of 7.5” by 9.5”. Both the small and large personalized photo frames have the ability to turn into a tabletop frame or a photo frame that hangs on the wall. With so many choices, decorating the home with a balanced mix of continuity and uniqueness is easy. These frames are not just a fun way to relive your family’s life story, but a meaningful gift to show others how they have impacted you.

If you think about it, there are so many picture-worthy moments within a lifetime. We have frames meant to display photos depicting life's everyday moments, such as the first baby photo, vacation pictures, even proud sports moments. Engraved photo frames can also be a thoughtful way to express gratitude to someone. For example, a teacher frame is a unique end of the year gift. A best man photo frame is a cool way to let your best man know how grateful you are that he was by your side on the big day. In no time, you and your closest friends will have a mantle-full of life's greatest moments.

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