For The Home

Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz famously said, "There is no place like home". Our personalized products from our For the Home collection allow homemakers to add their own touch into their personal space. Within this collection, we have everyday products you would find in a home, such as a mug, keychains, signage, and even butter spreaders. Then, we transform them with a comforting design, such as a meaningful quote or a special customization.

Custom key fobs will give you the freedom to add your own personality to your set of keys.

A place to live does not do much good unless you have the keys to access it. Keep track of your keys with our personalized key fobs! Each wooden key fob is big enough to comfortably fit inside the palm of a hand, making it easy to reach for no matter the size of a bag or purse. Plus, the key fob’s customizations remind homeowners and renters that it is not the building that makes it a home, but the people within.

Style your personal coffee bar with custom mugs and wooden scoops!

With the right custom coffee mug, you can instantly be put in a good mood before the coffee has been even poured! Our Home Sweet Home mug, for instance, is a comforting reminder to think about all the ways your physical address represents a home. Miniature bamboo spoons are a good way to add just the right amount of sweetener or spice to your perfectly constructed beverage. Incorporate some humor to your coffee bar by having a pun engraved on the handles. When preparing dinner, these spoons can also be used by guests to season their food to their taste.

Add a personal touch to every meal with the help of engraved lazy susans, custom bamboo spreaders and personalized recipe boxes.

This selection of  personalized kitchen items turns any kitchen into an inviting space for occupants as well as guests. A personalized recipe box is a neat way to store favorite recipes that bring comfort. Lazy susans ensure that the food is equally reachable to everyone and prevents awkward interruptions in the conversation. Bamboo knives are also helpful utensils to have, especially when butter and jam are on the table!

Whether you use your house or apartment as a space of solace, a venue for guests or a combination of both, these products will help you make it feel like home. Decorate your home the way you imagined with our For The Home products.