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For The Home

Turn any living space into a home with customized products inside our For the Home Collection.  This collection takes everyday products used in a home and transforms them into a homey customized gift. These beautiful  personalized items will help residents find their they're comfy mode and enjoy the companionship of friends and family within their home.

Whether someone is coming or going, keys are definitely something that shouldn’t be forgotten. That is why the personalized key chains for house and apartment keys are a useful gift. The wooden key fob is big enough to comfortably fit inside the palm of a hand, making it easy to reach for no matter the size of a bag or purse. Plus, the key fob’s customizations remind homeowners and renters that it is not the building that makes it a home. It is the people and things that bring them comfort.  

Is it just us or does a favorite beverage have a comforting way of becoming a reminder of home? That’s why we included some kitchen and serving must-haves. Starting with coffee! For our coffee drinkers, that first cup should be as relaxing and comforting as possible. Who wants to start off their day with a bad coffee experience? That is why we have the Home Sweet Home Mug and miniature bamboo spoons. With these mini spoons, you’ll be able to easily add our favorite seasonings to your morning cup. It’s your home and your coffee, so why not make it the way you like it? 

Homes are a great getaway to recuperate from everyday life, but they can also be an inviting space to build relationships in. But, what better way to cultivate relationships than with food? Our lazy susans, bamboo spreaders and recipe boxes were created to put a personal touch to every meal. Whether it is a large or small gathering of friends, these items inspire togetherness any night of the week. From the recipe box, create a favorite soup  for friends and family to enjoy and have conversations over. Don’t forget to set out the bamboo knife and lazy susan for the bread and butter!

However you wish to use your living space, these products will make it feel like home.

Decorate your home the way you imagined with our For the Home products.


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