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Eucalyptus Collection

The eucalyptus wedding collection grants the opportunity for the bride and groom to tastefully incorporate a sophisticated greenery theme into their ceremony and reception. Whether the ceremony is outside or inside, the small touches that the collection provides will make the couple feel surrounded by the lush green of eucalyptus leaves. Included in the collection are wedding items meant for different parts of the wedding day, whether it be wine stoppers for favors, hangers for the wedding party or frames for the bride and groom.

Before the ceremony even begins, wedding party members have already played a big role in turning the bride's wedding dreams into a reality. Personalized hangers as wedding party thank you gifts are a neat way for the bride and groom to express their gratitude. Each hanger has the eucalyptus sprigs above the name of the wedding party member in the middle with their wedding party title and the wedding date on the handle. On the day of the ceremony, these hangers are a creative way to keep wedding party members organized on the big day. Afterwards, these decorative hangers transition into thank you gifts into a permanent resident of their closet. Wedding party members can employ the hanger for their wedding clothes or use them for their personal clothing. Engraved wedding hangers also make unique photo props for behind-the-scenes wedding photos.
In the corner of the wedding photo frame is a bountiful eucalyptus spig to remind couples of their gorgeous greenery wedding theme. At the bottom of the wooden picture frame, there are the names of the bride and groom as well as their wedding date. For years to come, the couple can take a look back at their wedding and be immersed in the romantic theme of their ceremony. This collection also includes wooden trinket boxes designed for different purposes, such as jewelry boxes for bridal party members and wedding ring boxes for the ceremony. Despite the difference in purposes, all of these small round boxes have a sweet eucalyptus leaf drawing curving at the top and sometimes the bottom of the lid with elegant typography at the center.

Our wedding wishes box and personalized wine stoppers are a classy way to engage friends and family before and after the ceremony. Before walking in to witness the couple say “ I do”, friends and family can drop off cards with their well wishes and advice inside a sturdy decorative box. After the ceremony, the newlyweds will have gained a precious keepsake and tangible reminders of how much love the people in their lives have for them. To return the favor, the happy couple can express their gratitude and love for their family and friends with a wine stopper gift. Wedding guests, who have an appreciation for wine, will appreciate this decorative and useful thank you present.

Wedding products in the eucalyptus wedding collection will allow the greenery theme to flow throughout the wedding experience. Plus, it allows couples to add their personal touch to their big day. Take a look at our custom wedding products in the eucalyptus collection.