A personalized set of wooden drumsticks is a thoughtful choice when looking for a one of a kind gift for a drummer. Engraved drumsticks are a clever way to express admiration for the talent and commitment your drummer has. Drummers will gain a useful drumstick set as well as a sweet reminder that there is someone rooting for them in their drumming journey. Amongst our collection, we have wooden drumsticks to give on Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and encourage young drummers to reach for the stars. Personalized drumsticks are a thoughtful gift for a drummer all year long!

Each of our wooden engraved drumsticks are crafted from maple wood. When compared to other drumsticks made out of wood, maple wood drumsticks are the least dense and most lightweight. The lightness of these drumsticks makes it easier for drummers to keep up when preforming songs with high speed rhythms as well as songs that require softer drumming. Maple wood drumsticks are also easy on the wrist and less likely to cause wrist pain from beating on the drum for long periods of time. Plus, unlike drumsticks made out of darker wood, the engraving is distinctly visible against the maple wood.
All of our customized drumstick sets have a classified 2B thickness. Though 2B drumsticks are the second thickest drumstick, they are typically recommended for student drummers as well as drummers that primarily play rock or heavy metal music. Additionally, our drumsticks have wooden tips which tend to create a warmer sound than drumsticks with nylon tips. Each of these customizable drumsticks is 15 ⅞ inches long and has a diameter of 0.65 inches. This gives them enough length to comfortably reach the drum without risking the drummer losing control of the drumstick.

What makes our drumsticks a cool gift for drummers, besides the craftsmanship, is the engraving. The engraving turns a drummer's necessity into a source of encouragement, inspiration and even a symbol of love. Every time a young drummer practices with their new drumstick, they will see a permanent reminder of how proud their parents are. Local band drummers will get a shot of pride every time they see the name of their band on their engraved wood drumsticks. These drumsticks will earn a small smile from dad after he reads an engraved note from his biggest fans.

All drummers will cherish a pair of customized drumsticks of their own! They are a cool way for drummers to express their love of music without dropping a beat. They are a sweet way for the drummer's biggest supporters to encourage their favorite drummer to have fun beating their drum to their own rhythm.

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