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When trying to find a creative gift that a musician would use, personalized drumsticks are a thoughtful choice. The set of 2B Wood Tip Professional Drumsticks are a fitting gift for drummers of any skill level. By adding the engraving component, drummers will gain a good pair of drumsticks that  are a thoughtful reminder that  someone is rooting for them. Amongst our collection, we have wooden drumsticks to give on Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and encourage young drummers to reach for the stars. 

All of the drumsticks that we carry were crafted from maple wood. When compared to other wooden drumsticks, maple wood is the least dense and most lightweight. These qualities are most useful when playing something that requires quick movement, such as songs with high speed rhythms. In addition, the lightness of drumsticks are easy on the wrist and are an asset when playing songs that require softer drumming.

Another quality of our drumsticks to consider is that they are classified to have a 2B thickness. Though 2B drumsticks are the second thickest drumstick, they are typically recommended for student drummers as well as drummers that primarily play rock or heavy metal music.  Additionally, our drumsticks have wooden tips which tend to create a warmer sound than the nylon tip. Lastly, wooden drumsticks are 15 ⅞ inches long with a diameter of .65 inches. Therefore, allowing drummers to maintain a good grip while also allowing enough room to effectively reach the drum. 

From the design work to the engraving process to shipping and packaging, our employees work hard to get you your drumsticks. We hope that the drummer in your life has fun beating their drum to their own rhythm.

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