Cutting Board Type

With so many cutting board designs available, it is easy to forget that the design is only one factor to be considered when selecting a cutting board from our collection. There is also wood type, the size, and even shape. Before browsing, consider the intended use of the chopping board as well as the following tips. 

Cutting board wood types that are sustainable, durable and are aesthetically pleasing.

We have four different cutting board wood types available to choose from: bamboo, maple, cherry and walnut. For the best possible chance that your design pops on the cutting board and is plainly visible, we recommend choosing a lighter-tone cutting board, such as the bamboo bread board or maple wood carving board. On the other hand, our walnut and cherry wood cutting allow homeowners to have a darker canvas when setting out their food. By having the option of choosing a lighter or dark wood, you have the freedom to choose a personalized cutting board wood color that best compliments the kitchen's overall aesthetics.

Find a cutting board size that fits your purpose.

Depending on the need, a large or small chopping board will be just the right size to prepare ingredients into a tasty family meal or a delightful snack for kids. Starting with our smallest bar-size cutting boards, which are perfect for slicing up some lemon for your personal tequila bar at home. Their approximate length is 6" while their width ranges from 8" to 9". Bar boards do not have to be exclusively used at the bar; they are also ideal as wooden snack boards. Kids and adults can use the bar board as a surface area when slicing up cheese or a piece of fruit as a snack. On the other side of the spectrum, we have larger cutting boards that have a width of at least 10 inches and a height of 13". The best use for personalized carving boards of this size is when chopping large quantities of ingredients when preparing a meal.

Unique and traditional cutting board shapes perfect for all occasions.

While, most of our cutting boards have a similar rectangular shape, there are some that are uniquely shaped. For instance, our bamboo football shaped cutting board is a cool piece to have at a tailgate party. It can also double as a wooden plaque to show a coach some appreciation or congratulate team players on a well-played season. To cater to our fellow Texans, we also have wooden cheese platters shaped like the state of Texas. They are a cool way to add a bit of lone star charm to the home. Do not forget our wine bottle-shaped charcuterie board - a sophisticated addition to the appetizer table to accompany a baguette board.

A chopping board is more than a protective surface. It is a way to express your impeccable interior style in the kitchen. Choose a chopping board that fits your needs as well as your home decor style.

Take a look at our collection of cutting boards and see what fits inside your home.