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Cutting Board Designs

Our wooden chopping boards do more than just provide a hard surface to prepare tasty ingredients on; they are a means of personal expression even when there is no cooking to be done. Thus, these cutting boards are a practical and creative gift for the people in your life to commemorate a variety of moments worth celebrating, including birthdays, weddings, even moving to a new home!

With the right chopping board, you can express your sincere congratulations to the newlyweds while setting them up for success as they begin filling their kitchen with the basic essentials. The majority of our boards for couples are customized with a heartfelt quote, their names or initials and a special date, such as their wedding date. Our couple cutting boards were not exclusively designed for newlyweds; a personalized anniversary cutting board is also a sweet way to mark milestone anniversaries.
A chopping board that has their name engraved on top is a lovely gift for someone who loves to spend their free time in the kitchen. These cutting boards include sweet illustrated designs which make them an attractive decorative piece for the kitchen, effectively bringing a refreshing personal touch to the kitchen and making charming serving platters when hosting friends and family. These wooden chopping boards make wonderful birthday gifts, housewarming gifts as well as unique encouragement gifts for young aspiring chefs. For kitchens decorated in a more rustic style, we recommend the standing mixer chopping boards. On the other hand, kitchens that have a nature theme will benefit from the butterfly and cherry blossom tree cutting board.
Our Texas and Home Sweet Home cutting boards celebrate what makes a building a home, familiar food and the people you love. Each of these wooden chopping boards are a thoughtful choice for housewarming gifts for friends and family who take pleasure in cooking. For first-time home buyers, these custom chopping boards are a beautiful congratulatory gift to commemorate the next phase of their life in their new home. For long-time Texas residents, a Texas-shaped cutting board is a unique charcuterie board to use when hosting friendly gatherings.
A chili cook-off cutting board is a creative alternative to a chili cook-off trophy, or any kind of prize for a food contest. These food competition trophy alternatives allow winners to use their chopping boards in their day to day life instead of setting them out for display. These cutting board awards are a fine option for friendly cooking competitions among friends, coworkers, and even scout troops.

We hope you find the perfect chopping board for your recipient among our collection of cutting board designs. These wooden chopping boards are not just meant for decorating the kitchen, but are a practical kitchen essential that all cooks should have. No matter if they are slicing vegetables, plating appetizers or putting them up for display, these cutting boards will serve them well.

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