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Culinary Keepsake Collection

The culinary keepsake collection was designed for those who mix fond memories with good cooking. The designs for this collection were inspired by a farmhouse kitchen vibe. These original illustrations are of different items you would typically find in a kitchen with rustic decor. For example, an antique food scale, glass milk bottle, aprons and flour mixture. All of these beautiful designs were illustrated by Marina Gardoski and are either engraved or printed on our kitchen products. 

Within this collection, we have our best-selling wooden spoons. These engraved spoons are a must-have in the kitchen and are a thoughtful gift for chefs and bakers alike. All of our spoons are engraved with either one of the illustrated kitchen designs or the phrase “Bon Appetit”. Customers are encouraged to mix and match spoons according to their taste. These decorative kitchen spoons are not only a great way to add your own flavor to the kitchen, but make great gifts as well.

Also included in this collection are our recipe boxes and card sets. The duo allows cooks to organize their favorite recipe in an organized and stylish manner. Recipe boxes are engraved with designs that cleverly blend the farmhouse essentials illustrations with wholesome phrases that are customizable.  While the recipe cards incorporate an attractive layout of a blend of measuring cup and flour canister illustrations with enough room for recipes to be clearly understood. This condenses time spent searching for recipes and allows for more time to enjoy cooking favorite meals.

For anyone who believes that a fridge is a canvas as well as a cold storage box, these kitchen magnets are a fun gift. Magnets come in sets of three and are decorated with our designs and a cute phrase that is “whisking you joy” This a great way to add some positivity to your kitchen fridge without taking away from the culinary keepsake aesthetic of the kitchen. 

 Culinary Keepsake Collection’s unique retro farmhouse design scheme brings positivity and inviting vibe to your kitchen space. Therefore, the collection’s items successfully give the kitchen a fresh look while also being useful in everyday home life.

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