Culinary Keepsake Collection

With a little help from products of the culinary keepsake collection, your kitchen will soon turn into a country-style kitchen. These designs have a vintage style to them that are a reminder of comforting movie scenes in the kitchen or visiting a relative from the country. Designs within this kitchen collection are of different standard kitchen items that you might fins in a farmhouse kitchen, such as an antique food scale, glass milk bottle, aprons and a bag of flour. You will find these charming designs on everyday kitchen products, such as wooden spoons, recipe boxes, recipe cards and kitchen magnets.

Wooden mixing spoons are essential in the kitchen.

These spoons are the best tool to use when stirring ingredients together in a pot, pan or even a mixing bowl. Unlike metal and plastic kitchen cooking utensils, wooden cooking utensils are heat resistant and do not scratch up pots and pans. Within this collection, we have a variety of spoon designs including illustrated kitchen essentials, such as aprons and food scales, as well as a spoon engraved with the phrase “Bon Appetit”. These decorative kitchen spoons are not only a neat way to add your own flavor to the kitchen, but make excellent gifts as well. Wooden mixing spoons are awesome housewarming gifts for someone who is trying to stock up their kitchen with essentials. They also make wonderful party favors for kitchen showers.

Printed recipe cards with coordinating wooden recipe boxes allow cooks to organize their favorite recipe in an organized and stylish manner.

The recipe boxes' designs are a clever blend of the farmhouse essentials illustrations and wholesome phrases. Customers can even add their name to the design! Recipe cards incorporate an attractive layout of a blend of measuring cup and flour canister illustrations, leaving enough room for the actual recipe. With the help of both personalizable recipe cards and boxes, time spent searching for recipes is condensed, allowing for more time to enjoy cooking favorite meals.

For some, the refrigerator is more than just an appliance; it is a canvas for pictures, report cards, and even artwork. Culinary keepsake magnets are a fun way to maintain that farmhouse charm and embellish your refrigerator. Each magnet set has its on theme with images of kitchen essentials paired with coordinating puns and phrases. For example, our tea -themed magnet set has beautiful images of a classic tea pot as well as a canister of sugar with silly puns, such as "You are Tea-riffic". We also have a kitchen utensil magnet set with images of spatulas, whisks and spoons! No matter what set you choose, custom magnets are a delightful way to add some positivity to your kitchen refrigerator without taking away from the culinary keepsake aesthetic of the kitchen.

With the help of culinary keepsake products, any kitchen space can possess the inviting atmosphere that a farmhouse kitchen brings. Transform your kitchen to acquire that country ambience by selecting items from the culinary keepsake collection.

Culinary keepsake collection designs were illustrated by Marina Gardoski.