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Engraved woodworking tools are a thoughtful gift for craftsmen. Our craftsmen collection includes must-have tools for any woodworking project. These practical tools include craftsman pencils as well as wooden hammers. Plan the project and mark up the exact measurements with our carpenter pencils. Then, hammer in the final details.

All of our carpenter pencils measure to be 5/8th inch in width and 7 inches long. The perfect size to be comfortably handled while drawing designs or making marks while measuring. Each set includes 5 pencils with the same engraving on each. These pencils will help their owners put their ideas on paper and begin plans to start building.

While the pencils help with transforming ideas into plans. It is the hammers that turn those plans into  reality. The 13 oz claw hammers are a great choice for all sorts of carpentry projects. Each one has a 12 inch handle that is a great length for most to maintain their grip while hammering down or yanking out a nail. Whatever your projects may be, these hammers were built to be an asset.

Our unique designs for carpentry tools focus on the importance of building a life and a home for yourself and the people you love. These designs make carpentry tools heartwarming gifts for men who do their best to raise a family. They take the time to  ensure that their family’s home is a safe and comforting place for those they love until their children are ready to branch off and create a life of their own. Whether it is a young father in the beginning stages of family life or a graduate moving to a new home, these tools are an asset to anyone’s tool box. 

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