Cookie Cutters

Cookies are not just a delicious sweet to enjoy; they are also a creative means of expression. Our collection of Ann Clark’s Cookie Cutters gives families the chance to unleash their creativity by trying out a wide range of different shapes. These metal cookie cutters are a cool gift for friends and family who like to bake all year-round as well as friends who get a thrill in hosting parties. With these cookie cutters, there is not an occasion that does not warrant a perfectly shaped cookie.


Aluminum cookie cutters make prepping the cookies for the oven easy.

Instead of trying to shape a cookie by free hand, bakers can directly press the metal cookie cutter into the dough. By powdering the cookie cutter with flour, the cookie dough has less chance of sticking on to the aluminum cookie cutter and destroying the shape of the cookie. All of the metallic cookie cutters are within 3 to 5 inches in size, leaving enough surface room for decorators to try cookie decorating techniques once the cookies have baked and cooled. 

Metal cookie cutters that celebrate all that autumn has to offer.

There is so much to look forward to in the fall, holidays, a change in the weather and the start of a brand new school year. Our fall-inspired cookie cutters, such as pencil shape, leaves, pumpkin and even a turkey are all reflections of what fall brings. These cookies are excellent for family baking days at home as well as school functions. They are also a neat way to engage kids in an after-school activity or get them excited for a holiday.

Fun shaped cookie cutters for themed parties.

From cowboy hats to princess crowns, these stainless steel cookie cutters are an effective way to ensure that even your dessert goes along with the event's theme. Event hosts with a talent for decorating cookies with icing can have pre-decorated cookies at the party to impress guests. As an alternative, event hosts can set up a cookie making station for guests to create and decorate their own cookies.

We also have more sophisticated-shaped metal cookie cutters that are perfect for momentous and formal occasions, such as weddings, baby showers, even business events. Decorated cookies make elegant and unique favors for guests to take home with them. Event hosts can use icing to write heartfelt congratulations to the newly married couple or the expected parents on the cookies. You can also have a logo or a simple thank you typography design on the cookie to turn the sweet into a scrumptious marketing tool.

In the end, a cookie cutter is just a tool to get a perfectly shaped cookie. The purpose of the cookie is up to you.

Take a look at our collection of cookie cutters.