Simple and effective, personalized coasters add a homey atmosphere into a living space, while protecting furniture from getting water ring stains. With a variety of designs available, customizable coasters are a useful gift for friends, family and even clients all year-round. Realtors can use customized coasters as a closing gift for clients who have just moved into their new home. While, brides and grooms can add a unique spin to their wedding invitations by using them as save the date coasters. The design isn’t the only feature to consider! Coaster material adds a design effect on the coaster as well!

Bring the vineyard inside with custom cork coasters.

Coasters made out of cork add to the ambiance of a wine rack as well as a vineyard themed backyard patio. Customized cork coasters are also the perfect starting point for elegant-looking save the date coasters for a vineyard wedding. All of the engraved cork coasters have a diameter of 4" with a width of 1/4", a perfect size for your average wine glass!

Tree slice coasters bring the beauty of the mountainside.

Recipients who enjoy drinking a beer on the porch in the mountains will love having a piece of the great outdoors in their home in the form of our sliced wood coasters. In nature, no tree is the same as the next. This fact is the same for our wood slice coasters. Each wooden coaster. In fact, these coasters are actual wood slices from tree branches, meaning each one has a unique round shape and a natural tree ring design that sets them apart from others. By being made out of real tree slices, the custom wooden coaster's diameter varies, but remains close to roughly 4" in diameter, with a width of 1/4".

Stains on furniture are one less thing to worry about with engraved coasters.

In addition to their decorative effect on a space, these drink coasters are also effective in their original purpose; to protect prized furniture! With the help of these custom coasters, every room can be drink-friendly! There is no need to make a fuss when friends want to take their drink to the living room. Instead, keep a few coaster sets within reach. That way, guests can enjoy their drink without missing out on the conversation.

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