Boxes (Ring, Trinket, Tooth)

Our round wooden trinket boxes have many uses. They can be a little girl's treasure box or play a key role in a proposal or wedding. They are small enough to be tucked away in a hiding place for others not to find and attractive enough to be a prop in a photo. Each round wood box stands 1 3/4 inches and has a diameter of 2 1/4 inches. These custom trinket boxes with lids are made out of unstained natural wood, and that gives each wooden macaron box a rustic appearance.

Unlike standard ring boxes, engraved wooden ring boxes help tell a story. Like all love stories, each trinket box design is unique. We have ring box designs that include the couple's names, initials as well as a custom date! Depending on the design, engraved ring boxes make lovely engagement ring boxes for the proposal, as well as alternative ring pillows for the wedding ceremony. Photographs of the rings will have a personal twist by being displayed in a wooden box personalized just for your wedding.
Trinket boxes are not just for adults, but are a charming gift for kids too. Miniature boxes with our custom tooth fairy designs are a sweet way to surprise a kid once introduced to the tooth fairy. Children place their tooth in their personalized tooth fairy box and wait to see what the tooth fairy brought them the next morning. Once there is no need for the alternative tooth fairy pillow, parents can keep the miniature round box as a keepsake from their kid's childhood.

These personalized trinket boxes also make delightful treasure boxes for young girls. They can hold whatever the little girl in your life calls treasure, whether that be coins, pebbles, a necklace or even a bracelet. These engraved macaron-shaped make wonderful birthday presents as well as thank you gifts for flower girls.

No matter what treasures are inside, this trinket box will make its contents extra special. Check out all our trinket box designs.