Bamboo Spoon & Spatula

Bamboo kitchen utensils, such as miniature spoons and wooden spoons and spatulas, are an attractive asset to any kitchen. Their farmhouse-style appearance makes the kitchen feel welcoming and inviting to both guests and residents. Bamboo kitchenware is not just attractive looking, less likely to scratch up pots and pans, and environmentally friendly.

Included in our collection of bamboo kitchen utensils are our bamboo cooking spoons and wooden cooking spatula. The custom wood spoons are 12 inches in length. Each bamboo wooden spoon has a wide handle that a custom engraving goes on. These spoons make wonderful kitchen gifts for couples as well as unique prizes for chili competitions. Customers have the option to pair the spoon with a 12 inch wooden spatula. The bamboo wok spatula is useful when making stir fry as well as scraping leftover goodness from a pan. One of the best advantages of using wooden cooking utensils is that they do not scratch up pots and pans.
We also have miniature wooden spoons that are roughly 4.5" long. These tiny wooden spoons have the ability to be used purely as a decoration as well as for functional use. The mini spoons for spices can be part of the tablescape for guests to use when garnishing their food as they like. Turn your kitchen into an ice cream parlor with the help of small ice cream dishes and mini ice cream spoons. These spoons can also be used for sampling foods, adding sugar to your coffee or sprinkling bath salts into the bath! However, you utilize them; miniature wooden spoons have an effortless way to be ready for practical use while fulfilling their role as a charming farmhouse-style decoration.

Did you know that bamboo is not considered a type of wood, but a type of grass? This species of grass is known to be able to grow at a rapid rate? In fact, it takes about 60 days for the grass to reach its adult size, which makes it a highly renewable and fast-growing resource. Harvesting bamboo does not kill the plant. In fact, depending on how it is cut, bamboo will continue to grow. Bamboo is a natural resource, which means our bamboo kitchen gadgets are biodegradable. Bamboo makes strong and durable kitchen utensils that are also light weight. Therefore, making them not only an asset in the home, but an asset when camping or hiking when you need something that is going to last, but not add unnecessary weight.

Find a bamboo utensil that fits your needs, by taking a look at our collection of bamboo spoons and spatulas.