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Bridal Hangers – Eucalyptus Sprig

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Create exquisite scenes for a pre-wedding photo shoot by arranging wedding party attire on engraved eucalyptus wedding hangers.

A wedding dress hanger fit for any dress

The wood material emits a down-to-earth style to our bridal hangers that beautifully complements any type of wedding dress.  Eucalyptus wedding hangers add to the natural tone which brings out the beauty of a vintage wedding dress. As a bonus, the option for the bride to include her own personalization to the design adds an extra wow factor to bridal hangers. The result is an elegant coordination of the hanger attributes that wedding photographers crave when taking pre-wedding photos of a boho-style dress. 

Engraved hangers not only make beautiful props for behind-the-scenes wedding photos or videos, they also make unique coat hangers for your wedding party to use long after the ceremony.

All of our adult wooden hangers have a standard width of 17.5 in width and a height of 9.5 in with the metal hook. These attributes give hangers the strength to support all styles of wedding dresses for long periods of time. Thus, brides can confidently hang their wedding dress for safekeeping after the ceremony. No longer will they have to worry about their dress falling to the floor because their hanger broke or bent. As a result, brides have deemed our engraved bridal hangers as the best wedding dress hangers.

Keep bridal dress photos original with personalized hangers

We have had the pleasure of working with brides nationwide, giving them opportunities to add special personal touches to their big day. Our elegant bridal hangers come in different designs to accommodate different wedding themes. For brides who don’t see exactly what they are looking for, we will gladly collaborate with a bride-to-be on a custom design. 

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