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Engraved Cutting Board - The Best Times

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At times, the best way to get family together is around the dinner table. This engraved cutting board is a heartwarming gift for anyone whose cooking tends to attract family and friends to the dinner table. An ideal gift for cooks who are always pushing the envelope to create something spectacular for their friends and family.  Cutting boards are not only a necessary asset to the kitchen, they can also serve as a decorative reminder of what is truly important. 

All of our engraved cutting boards have one-of-a-kind customizable designs meant to emit a warm and comforting feeling. With the quote, “The best times are found when friends and family are gathered around," wooden cutting boards will instantly add a homey effect to the comforting surroundings of the kitchen.

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This product comes in several cutting board designs and the following variants:

  • Maple with handle (6" x 9" x ¾") at $25.00
  • Maple with handle (9" x 12" x ¾") at $35.00 
  • Maple no handle (9" x 12" x ¾") at $35.00
  • Maple Bread Board (4.5" x 20" x .75") at $35.00
  • Maple Wine Bottle Shape at $35.00
  • Bamboo Two Tone (5.75" x 8" x ½") at $17.50
  • Bamboo Board (6" x 9" x ⅜") at $17.50
  • Bamboo Board (8.5" 11" x ⅜") at $22.00
  • Bamboo Board (9.5" x 13" x ⅜") at $25.00
  • Bamboo Juice Grove at $45.00
  • Bamboo Texas at $40.00
  • Bamboo Football at $40.00
  • Cherry with handle (9" x 12" x ¾") at $35.00
  • Cherry Juice Groove at $55.00
  • Walnut with handle at $40.00
  • Walnut no handle (9" 12" x ¾") at $40.00
  • Walnut Bread Board (4.5" x 20" x .75") at $38.00

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