Wedding Favors and Gifts

There are so many parts to play when putting on a successful wedding. From the key players, the bride and groom, to the wedding guests who came to support and celebrate the start of a new chapter in the couple's life. This is why we have our Wedding Favors and Gifts collection that includes a variety of custom favors and gift ideas for the bride and groom and everyone that played a part in the celebration of their marriage. From the guests to the bridesmaids to the groomsmen, we have customized gifts for everyone.

Wedding Gifts for couples

The star players of the occasion, also known as the bride and groom, can enjoy these personalized keepsakes from their wedding. Engraved wedding ring boxes make worthy alternative ring pillows for the ceremony as well as unique engagement ring boxes. Once married, the ring box will turn into a romantic keepsake from the proposal or wedding ceremony. Custom wedding photo frames are another thoughtful gift for the newlyweds. These frames add a delightful touch to an already gorgeous photo, while disclosing wedding day information, such as the date, location and even the names of the bride and groom.

Thank you gifts for the bridal party

It is always nice to have a little help, especially when it comes to putting on a wedding. These bridal party gifts are thoughtful ways for a bride to show her appreciation to her wedding support team. Young flower girls, for instance, will love receiving their own floral trinket boxes to store jewelry in. Bridal party picture frames are a neat way for the bride to share display-worthy pictures of her and her bridal party crew as they get ready for the big moment. Engraved bridal party hangers keep bridesmaids, flower girls, maid of honors and brides alike organized on the big day. They also make picturesque-worthy props for behind-the-scenes wedding photos.

Groom Party Gifts A groom needs his crew too. Custom baseballs and baseball bats make home-run worthy best man and groomsmen thank you gifts. These personalized baseballs are the perfect fit for a groom and his crew who share an appreciation for the sport. Engraved bottle openers are another cool way for grooms to show their appreciation for their best man and groomsmen. Each groom's bottle opener has the groomsman's name, wedding title and the wedding date on the top. Finally, we have the groomsmen and best man photo frame. These customized picture frames are a cool way to hand out the groom's favorite picture of him and his crew. .

Gifts for wedding guests

Wedding favors for guests are a thoughtful way for the bride and groom to show their appreciation to their friends and family for celebrating with them. Gifts for guests, such as our wine stopper favors, serve as a tangible reminder of a fun celebration. These wedding wine stoppers typically have the couple's names or initials on the stopper top as well as the wedding date. The best thing about using wine bottle stoppers as wedding favors is that they were not meant to sit on a wine rack looking pretty, but to be used by guests as they sip through their own private collection of wine. Engraved wooden spoons for weddings are another wonderful favor idea for wedding guests. During the wedding reception, these kitchen spoons make creative decorative focal points for the tablescapes of each table. Once the celebrations are over, family and friends take a spoon home with them as a thank you for coming gift. Last but not least, save the date coasters are a fun way for the soon-to-be bride and groom to announce their big news to friends and family, while surprising them with a pre-wedding favor gift. These custom coasters are not just a stylish and useful gift for friends and family, but a constant reminder of their loved ones' upcoming wedding celebrations.

From the bride and groom to the wedding guests, we have wedding gifts and favors for all participants of a wedding celebration. These custom favors and gifts do not just convey a simple "thanks for coming", but they are a touching way to for a bride and groom to express their gratitude towards friends and family for being a part of their life story.

Take a look at our collection of wedding favors and gifts.