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Wedding Cake Set

An engraved wedding cake set is an exquisite match for any wedding cake. Both knife and server are expertly crafted from stainless steel. Thus, adding a professional quality which effortlessly heightens the elegance of the reception. With the addition of a customizable engraving, brides and grooms also have the opportunity to add their own touch to the dessert portion of their reception. Resulting in the cake portion of the occasion  to become the perfect blend of refinement and joyous celebration. 

The engraved wedding cake knife set doesn’t just add a spark of elegance to the cake. The pair  also makes slicing the cake easy. Each cake serving  set includes  a cake knife and cake server nestled inside a cake-slice-shaped presentation box.  Brides will feel like royalty as the knife set is being unwrapped for the first time. Wedding photographers will be excited to use the set as props when taking gorgeous photographs of the wedding cake.The shots of the couple’s first bite of the cake will have an extra layer of luxuriousness.

 Both knife and server have a nice strong handle that the bride and groom will find is easy to grip when making that first slice.  With each having a handle 13” long, both the cake knife and cake server gives the bride and groom the flexibility to have different sized cakes without compromising on the final presentation of the sliced cake. Once the celebrations are over, clean-up is really simple. Both knife and server can be quickly wiped off then put into the dishwasher. In no time, they will be ready to be put away until the next special celebration. The happy couple will love having this unique keepsake from their wedding to use during romantic night-ins and big anniversary parties.

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