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Engraved Wooden Spoons

Personalized spoons are a staple in every kitchen. With a variety of designs available, our customers will be able to find a spoon fit for their purpose.  Engraved spoons are a creative way to add decor to the kitchen. While spoons are still  a useful tool for cooking, they can also be used as unique prizes. 

We have two types of spoons available: wooden birch spoons and bamboo mixing spoons. Both spoons are durable and will become a go-to spoon when fixing dinner or baking sweets. To clean the spoons, we recommend hand washing wooden spoons in lieu of  putting them in the dishwasher. We also recommend applying mineral oil or wood wax as needed to maintain that wooden shine.

The types of wood are not the only differences between the two types of spoon. Our more popular spoon type, the birch spoon has a scoop that is roughly 2.25 inches by 3.25 inches. This gives the designs enough room on the scoop to be enjoyed from afar. Both handles on the birch and bamboo spoons are approximately 12 inches; they do vary in thickness. The birch spoons have a much rounder and thinner handle, while the bamboo spoons are a little more flat and wider. Therefore, engravings on the bamboo wood spoons can be found on the handle instead of the scoop. 

Besides kitchen gifts, these spoons are a great solution when looking for out-of-the-box favors for bridal showers and parties. Friends, family and guests will leave the event with an extra spoon for their kitchen and fun memories. Perfect for cooking-themed events or kitchen showers. Plus, to help you along in the event planning process, we offer bulk discounts for our spoons!

Take a look at our collection of engraved wooden spoons.


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