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Birch Wood Spoons

Custom engraved wooden spoons are a creative way for cooks to implement their own personality into the decor of their kitchen. Among our collection of birch spoon designs, we have engraved spoons that celebrate couples, contain humor as well as provide purely decorative images. Cooking spoons are a neat way to advantageously place simple decorations in the kitchen without going overboard.

Birch wood has a straight wood grain, meaning that the grain of the wood runs in one direction. As a result, our customized spoons are smooth to the touch. Chefs do not have to worry about getting splintered when they are in the process of cooking a delicious meal! The softness of the wood also means pots and pans are safe from leftover scratch marks after a meal has been successfully prepared. Birch wood is also known to be both strong and durable! These traits are an asset to custom mixing spoons, especially when cooks are particularly hard on their kitchen spoons when cooking. They will be able to help cooks perform everyday cooking tasks, such as folding, mixing and even scraping without breaking.
All of our birch wood spoons are approximately 12 inches long and have a scoop that is roughly 2.25 inches by 3.25 inches. The size of the scoop and the light tone of the birch wood are both traits that help admirers be able to enjoy the engraved design from a distance. With wooden kitchen spoons, there is no need to spend extra money on kitchen decor, when custom spoons make excellent part-time functional kitchen gadgets and part-time farmhouse kitchen decor, by storing the spoon in a countertop kitchen utensil holder.

Personalized cooking spoons are not just a fine way to give your kitchen a makeover, but also make clever gifts for your cooking friends! Surprise a friend, family member or even a coworker with an engraved spoon as a way to support them in their cooking hobby. Besides kitchen gifts, these spoons are a good solution when looking for out-of-the-box favors for bridal showers and parties. Ergo, guests will leave the event with an extra spoon for their kitchen and fun memories to cherish. Spoon favors are also perfect for cooking-themed events or kitchen showers! To help the host make their event the way they envision it, we offer bulk spoon discounts. Hosts can provide guests with creative kitchen favors without breaking the bank.

Find a spoon that meets your gift-giving needs by taking a look at our collection of engraved birch spoons .


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