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Wreath Custom Cutting Boards

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Cutting boards are essentials that a kitchen lover finds to be very convenient and useful. In choosing a cutting board, one must make sure that it is durable and can withstand any kind of slicing, chopping, and dicing.

Why not try our Wreath Custom Cutting Boards? Our custom cutting boards are known for their durability, elegance, and style! This cutting board is a perfect gift idea for people who share your love for cooking with its wreath monogram design. It is not only a perfect kitchen tool, but it can also brighten every kitchen as an elegant kitchen décor.

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This product comes in several cutting board designs and the following variants:

  • Maple with handle (6" x 9" x ¾") at $25.00
  • Maple with handle (9" x 12" x ¾") at $35.00 
  • Maple no handle (9" x 12" x ¾") at $35.00
  • Maple Bread Board (4.5" x 20" x .75") at $35.00
  • Maple Wine Bottle Shape at $35.00
  • Bamboo Two Tone (5.75" x 8" x ½") at $17.50
  • Bamboo Board (6" x 9" x ⅜") at $17.50
  • Bamboo Board (8.5" 11" x ⅜") at $22.00
  • Bamboo Board (9.5" x 13" x ⅜") at $25.00
  • Bamboo Juice Grove at $45.00
  • Bamboo Texas at $40.00
  • Bamboo Football at $40.00
  • Cherry with handle (9" x 12" x ¾") at $35.00
  • Cherry Juice Groove at $55.00
  • Walnut with handle at $40.00
  • Walnut no handle (9" 12" x ¾") at $40.00
  • Walnut Bread Board (4.5" x 20" x .75") at $38.00

Every product is made with only the best wood and crafted to ensure our customers of the best when it comes to quality and durability. Make every festive occasion enjoyable as you cook special dishes with this personalized cutting board. Order one now!

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