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Coasters are a decorative way to say goodbye to water ring stains for good. Gift givers can be assured that the customized coaster sets will not be forgotten on a shelf, but used daily.  From  weddings to anniversaries to housewarming parties, personalized coasters are appropriate for any occasion at any time of the year. Recipients who are settling into a new home or about to begin a new chapter in their life will  especially appreciate the small yet incredibly useful gift.  Brides and grooms love them because they add a unique spin to their wedding invitations as save the date coasters.

 For a bit of flexibility in the design front, we carry two types of coasters: cork and wood slice coasters. Custom cork coasters will remind its users of the taste of wine while sitting in a tranquil vineyard. With a diameter of 4” and a width of ¼”, it will be able to fit most any drink.  While both  coasters have approximately the same measurements,the wood slice coaster  brings a rustic flair to the decor. As a complimentary service, we seal wood slice coasters with mineral oil to prolong their lifespan.

In addition to bringing a homey effect to the decor, drink coasters protect well-loved furniture from water damage due to condensation. They are made to be frequently used, no matter how many times someone sits down with their favorite beverage to watch a game or movie with friends and family. Mom and Dad will no longer have to worry about their kids taking drinks to the living room and ruining prized furniture. Instead the living room will transform into a relaxing area where the family can hang out together. 

For sports and board game fans, who enjoy hosting friends, having extra custom beer coasters is a smart idea that they’ll be grateful for later. Not only is it a practical idea to store beverage coasters in the family room, but also the media room and game room. No one will ever have to go far to locate a coaster to put their drink on.


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